No Car Pooling When You Work Solo, No Impact Week, Day 3, Transportation

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 is Day 3 of No impact Week, the focus is on Transportation or rather trying to cut down on Car Use...

I always take the Train when I go to New York City (a 35 minutes ride thanks to Midtown Direct).

Unfortunately I need to visit a potential job twice today and I have to drive to get there so I will not score well on the emission test. I will bundle whatever errands I have to do with that so I will not make matters worse.

Had it been closer, I would have walked there or taken my bike since the weather cleared and it is supposed to be a balmy 60 plus degrees today.

On the good side my car is small and not quite 2 years old so low on gas consumption.

EPA Rating on emissions not sure.

Even though my town, Montclair, is relatively small, I don't see that many people riding their bike to work. A good number commute to New York daily by bus or train.

We have a way to go before we match cities like Copenhagen or even Paris or Portland in the US.

Montpellier in Southern France has a wonderful tramway service and they also offer Velomagg, a bike rental service which is part and parcel of the transportation portal, good thinking...

Thanks to Cycle Chic from Copenhagen, we see that you can ride your bike in style.


These boots are made for cycling as shown above in The boots are out all over (Cycle Chic, October 19)...Parisian girl...nicely signed bike lanes...

Are you walking the talk?

Happy No Impact Week for Green Day # 99

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