Learn French in the Mediterranean city of Montpellier

Want to brush up on your french and combine it with a stay in a Mediterranean city known for its history and cultural life? Studying at the Institut Linguistique Adenet in Montpellier offers a way to do both. The city can be explored easily thanks to its modern tramway pictured here.Tramway
You can take classes from 2 weeks to a month or more. The cost for a basic standard course is 220 euros per week. Courses start every Monday of the year. Special dates apply for beginners.
As for the accomodations, you can stay with a host family for a fee of 140 euros per week that includes private room and breakfast.
This option might be especially attractive to parents sending their high school kids during their vacations.
Besides studying you can make daytrips to Sete called by some the Venice of the Languedoc, the many wineries located nearby or the beaches.

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