Made in Japan, Marion Crepes in Kashiwa-shi, Crepes as Ice Cream Cones?

No I did not get all crepes crazy all of a sudden.

If you missed it, crepes in Japan happens to be The Theme for Part 2 of our Everyday Harumi Book Contest.

Writing a follow up on the topic, I found out that Marion Crepes was a favorite of many.

 Marion crepes

After the piece was posted, Mike aka Nathan0525 on Flickr gave me the green light to use his great shot of Marion Crepes in Kashiwa-shi so here it is above.

Notice the crepes display on the left, looks weird to a Breton like me.

I'm wondering who the mysterious lady is?

No Cider or Crepes at Lunch for me, Sushi actually.

Appetite on display this Tokyo Thursdays # 110

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P.S: Let me remind everyone that the deadline for entries in this second part of the Everyday Harumi Book Contest is Sunday, October 25 at midnight.

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