Crepes in Japan, Harumi Kurihara Book Contest, Part 2, Five Days Left

I opened the gates to Part 2 of our Everyday Harumi Book Contest, Part 2, last Friday so there are about 5 days left to submit your take.

I made it easy on you.

The topic is Crepes in Japan, Your favorite, Where you had it, a link and a picture to the place that delivered a plus.

Hunting for favorites, it seems that in Japan, Marion Crepes in Harajuku is a favorite...

It gets mentions in Angels Hearts and Marion Crepes by Not Quite Nigella (July 2008) and a few snapshots by The Quiff is Dead on Flickr.

There is also a Crepes and Apple Cider two page sampler thanks to Flickr Hive Mind.


Including crêperie #9804 by Nemo's Great Uncle above.

Now send in your own suggestions to sls at njconcierges dot com.

The winner gets a signed copy of Everyday Harumi.

Deadline for Entries is Midnight on Sunday, October 25, 2009 (US Eastern Time)

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