Trade Cup of Tea or Coffee for Google Search, Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Our friends at Green Thing in the UK as always use humor to get the conversation going.

In How many cups of tea does it take to power a Google search? (January 12) they cover the recent hoopla over the Environmental Impact of Google Searches as Recapped by Keith Johnson for Wall Street Journal (January 13).

The numbers might have been skewed slightly in the media to make it more sensational.

While I finish my cup of espresso (no tea for me thanks) I will let you go over the technical data.

I like Green Thing closing paragraph offering that in the UK "we'll need plenty of cuppas and computers to help us re-invent a new kind of sustainable society and globalised economy, where kettles and data centres are powered by renewable energy and there's plenty of tea and Google for all."

Reminds me of the controversy between walking and driving to the store with Worldchanging offering the counterargument Walking: Still Better Than Driving (June 2008) to Freakanomics Be Green: Drive (March 2008).

As for meat eaters they were thrown a wrench I wrote about in Eating Kangaroo reduces your Carbon Footprint...Skippy Anyone? (January 2008).

Stirring the cup for Green Day # 61

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