Eating Kangaroo reduces your Carbon Footprint...Skippy Anyone?

To be honest when I first read The Independent  headline Skippy for supper: Kangaroo meat is healthy, plentiful and leaves a tiny carbon footprint I wondered if it was dry British humor or if this was for real.

Upon reading Rob Sharp's article, I found out that it actually was based on a Greenpeace Australia study brought to light in Should we be eating Skippy to solve climate change? (October 07) on their blog Making Waves.

As far as I can understand it is related to land clearing and switching from beef to other meats such as kangaroo which I guess don't need all that grass to graze on.

Cows and sheep farming also create a lot of gas, methane that is.

On the health and nutrition end, Rob Sharp's piece tells us that kangaroo meat is "low in cholesterol and fat, and bursting with protein, iron, zinc and conjugated linoleic acid, which reduces blood pressure".

2 other beef alternatives mentioned are ostrich and venison.

A down under Green Day #14.

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