Polish your Wine Knowledge with Able Grape, a Search Engine for Wine

Was it not for Alder of Vinography mentioning it on Twitter, I might not have noticed Able Grape, a little search engine dedicated to wine only. It aims to help us polish our knowledge in the field in no less than 4 languages.

I gave it a test run with some recent wine purchase, some like L'Ostal Cazes, Estibals came up while others such as a Terra, Cotes du Marmandais and the Domaine du Bousquet, Vacqueyras which I just wrote about could not be found.

This search engine that could is relatively new so I cannot expect for everything to show up.

For those that do, each result is tagged to the right with region, country, source of the information (blog, producer, trade, press, glossary and more) and languages in which the information is available.

The 4 languages are English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Able Grape is the labor of love of Doug Cook who fused is tech know how with his passion for wine. Find out more about this project on Able Grapes and Garbled Peas.

On the topic of specialized search options:
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