Spice up your Meal with Domaine Mas du Bouquet Vacqueyras 06, a Red with Integrity

I will not serve the usual litany of terroir, berries, fruits, balanced tannins and the like.

I will not get on my high horse like a Rhone ranger roaming around Camargue.

I can say for sure that I am glad I picked a bottle of Domaine Mas du Bouquet, Vacqueyras (2006).

The sidenote on the label 'Vignerons de Caractere' (Winemakers with Character) and its admonition 'Aimez plus fort' ( Love stronger) tells this wine story better than all the tasting notes I could spew.

The back label informs us that Vignerons de Caractere (site in French only) is a group of 80 winegrowers in the Vacqueyras  area which has been in existence for 50 years.
They adhere to sustainable and environmentally sound practices.

Getting back to this Rhone Red, the Mas du Bouquet, Vacqueyras 2006 is 60% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 10% Mourvedre.


I learned from CheapWineRatings that the winemakers behind this great red, the Manganelli family have owned the property for a century.

A frequent prize winner, its most recent trophy was the Silver Medal at the Foire d'Avignon.

A great buy at $15, will stand up to rich dishes, high in alcohol, 14.5%.

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