Kiwis in London Show How Great a Cup of Java Can Be

Over the past couple of months I have noticed a number of people heaping praise on a non Starbucks place to grab a great cup of java.

The joint in question is Sacred Cafe located at 13 Ganton Street (just off Carnaby Street) in London.
History has it that it was created 4 years ago by two Expats from New Zealand who felt let down in their search for a great coffee experience in the British capital.

To remedy to that Matthew Clark and Tubbs Wanigasekera (the 2 expats in question) offer this statement as to what they stand for:

"We’d had enough of the bland, watery, weak coffees and teas from the high street chains! We‘d had enough of mass-produced tea bags with cheap powdery fillings! We’d had enough of boring shrink-wrapped food created in vast factories and left in fridges for days! We’d had enough of bored, uninterested, devoid-of-personality serving people! 

And we’d certainly had enough of sterile, plastic, homogeneous surroundings that all seemed identical regardless of where we were in London." 

Hopefully they will keep their standards as they expand with their latest location at mega-mall Westfield London.

Sacred cafe

Besides the usual mocha, latte and espresso they also serve ristretto (the nec plus ultra for coffee geeks) and flat white, the down under version of a latte.

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