Is Being Invisible at Work a Good Way to Survive the Axe?

Many coaches and other career advice columnists suggest that in order to save your job you trumpet your achievements and contribution to the company bottom line.

Some people might choose instead to make themselves invisible as a way to survive the axe.

They might have nothing to showcase or lack the skills or willingness to sell themselves to their higher ups.

Tom Fishburne illustrates that perfectly with Blend into the Herd (January 4, 2009).

He disagrees with that approach and offers that individuals and companies instead need to Adapt.

Roberta Matuson penned Five Reasons Why Doing Nothing May be the Biggest Mistake You'll Make this Year (January 4, 2009) on Generation Integration.

I especially agree with Number 3 on how stopping to make your valuable employees feel valued might cost you big time in the end.

Survival strategies for Monday Work Etiquette # 71

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