Bocuse d'Or or IKA, Which Event is the True Culinary Olympics?

Help me here, Erfurt (Germany) hosted the 22nd IKA /Culinary Olympics in October 2008.

Now I see that the Bocuse d'Or which took place on January 27 and 28 is also being reported on by the some media outlets under the same title.

Elaine Sciolino's article (January 28) appears as Culinary Olympics begin in France on Google even though the piece itself goes by the less attention grabbing Norway wins the Bocuse d'Or competition title.

She reports that Geir Skeie, the 28-year-old chef at Mathuset Solvold in Sanefjord, Norway was the winner.


I borrowed the winner's picture (above) from his profile for the Food and Fun festival which took place in Iceland.

Betty Hallock introduced on Daily Dish (LA Times, January 27) The French candidate, Chef Frederic Mille who works under the aegis of Yannick Alléno at Le Meurice in Paris.

Both the German and the French event happen to be in their 22nd year.

I hope this will not start another European conflict.

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