Welcome to the 'Culinary Olympics'...Sugar Coated Lizard maybe?

No cheese lifting or fish throwing here, this is a serious competition.

This year marked the 22nd edition of the Culinary Olympics .

The event took place from October 19 to October 22 in Erfurt, Germany (near Frankfurt).

Some 1600 cooks from 50 nations participated.

If I got my facts straight, the Norwegian Team won with this 3 course menu:

Appetizer: Lightly Smoked and Baked Norwegian Fjord Trout Served with Jerusalem Artichoke, Sago Compote and Oyster, Green vegetables "Arctic" Caviar Sauce, Apples and Chives

Main course: Medley of "Svanay" Lamb, "Mushroom Flavoured" Lamb Roulade made of Breast and Loin Fillet Lamb Leg with Horseradish, Dill and Mustard, Potato Creation "Erfurt 2008", Porcini Mushrooms and Pickled Onions, Buttered Seasonal Vegetables, Aniseed Scented Lamb Jus

Dessert: Black Currant & Caramel Autumn Dessert, Caramel Mousse, Compote and Jelly of Forest Berries, Warm Black Currant "Souffle Pudding", Crispy Feuilletine, "Marbled" Yoghurt and Black Currant Ice Cream.

Most unusual was the Sugar Coated Lizard courtesy of the United Arab Emirates which you can see on Rachel Dixon piece for Nibbles.

South Korea

I chose this creation from South Korea (courtesy of Culinary Olympics site) as my illustration.

Il Forno has details on the previous edition (2004) in Platters, Platters, Everywhere.

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