Pineau, Nut Butters and Chocolate: My 3 Prizes for Menu for Hope 5

With only 2 days to go until Menu for Hope 5 closes its doors to your donations, I thought it was time for me after looking at offerings around the globe to refresh your mind about my 3 modest prizes.

In reverse order let me start with My 3rd Prize for Menu for Hope 5 is a set of 2 bottles of Pineau des Charentes (one white, one red), both are young, aged 3 years.


Value is $40, this set is available for US only, Prize Code UE30

More details in Be a Hipster with Pineau des Charentes, Prize No 3, Menu for Hope V

Let's move on to the Nut Butters for Grown-Ups courtesy of Marilyn's Nut Butters which I discovered at Cook, Eat, Drink in New York. They got started a few months ago and are based in Seattle, Washington.

Nut butters  

Marilyn says:

"The sweet and/or savory blends of roasted, high-quality organic nuts and seasonings combine to make perfect  spreads, dips, and marinades for any occasion. Choose from combinations like Cinnamon Walnut Pecan, Spicy-hot Pecan, Hazelnut Walnut Chai, Walnut Cashew, and Hazelnut Almond."

Retail Value $40, Prize Code: UE22

Read more in Nut Butters for Grown Ups, Nothing Kinky, My 2nd Prize for Menu for Hope 5

First is Last with Oliver Kita or rather A Box of his Studio Collection.


Call it 16 Creative Sweets in an array of colors and flavors from spicy to sweet and salty and back. 

Don't believe everything David Lebovitz says. I am not "going to come by and feed them to you, one-by-done." As David notes "there's enough chocolates in there so that you shouldn't have trouble finding someone to come over, French or otherwise, and share them with."

It retails for $40, Prize Code is UE17

For details on Menu for Hope and how to bid on my prizes read In Pole Position for Menu for Hope 5: 16 Creative Sweets, My 1st Prize, then head for the Donation Page...

Before doing that make sure you check the Master List of Raffle Prizes by Pim.

As I am writing we just passed the $50,000 bar of funds raised to provide school lunches for kids in Lesotho.

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