Drink, cook, eat is more like it, Tastings NYC

Since Tastings NYC goes under the banner of Cook, Eat Drink, I was surprised by the paucity of actual food to sample. Coming from the Chocolate Show I was eager to find some solid offerings. Even more so after I realized that an array of fine wines, beers and even Cognac was there for the tasting. I decided to be sensible and limit my alcohol intake to a couple of tiny micro brew sips. I could not pass up on the Pineau des Charentes and that was it.

My word of advice to the event organizers would be next year to bring great food that matches the great drinks offered for this 2008 edition.

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Foodie Sunday, A Quick Chocolate Bite from Pier 94

Nov 9
It did not occur to me until this 3rd trip to the Chocolate Show, as happens with wine, after you have tasted 20 or 30 of them, your palate gets coated if not shot. With chocolate though no spitting so it's not just your palate that feels it. It almost makes you dizzy. While enjoying it you know you had enough and wrap it up.
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Smile...Downturns Come to an End...At Some Point

Nov 10
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