Smile...Downturns Come to an End...At Some Point

Let's face it, whether we like it or not, we are in a downturn.
Unlike bears we cannot go into hibernation until things pick up as Stefan Stern points out in Let’s meet when it’s over (FT, November 6).
Keeping your expenses under control is important yet it will not be enough to get you to the other side.
You cannot attract customers to a store with spare to empty shelves. Your stock room can be pared as it is not in full view.
If you are a manager, how do you keep your employees going?
Do you take the free donuts or soup away?
Do you warn anyone making mistakes that they will be shown the door?
How can you keep people on your team engaged if their income is shrinking?
Should you try anything to make a buck at the risk of loosing your identity, leaving others confused as to what you stand for?
You cannot survive hardships by cuts only. Being creative, different, imaginative matters and will keep you motivated.
The bookends of my week were the Future of Web Design conference (Tuesday) and Chocolate Show/ Tastings NYC (Sunday).
Attending conferences and events, including some that address topics that you are not fluent in, has the benefit of bringing to light new ways to work and as important ways to make a living.
If you come to these with an open mind, expecting the unexpected, you might find new avenues.

Looking for practical recipes you might want to take a look at How to Grow When Markets Don't (Hachette Publishing)

Hope versus Gloom for Monday Work Etiquette #63

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