Bad Bosses Are Energy Vampires says Steve Miranda

I might not have called them vampires even though Halloween is fast approaching yet who has not met a manager or higher up who does not have a clue as to how to speak to her/his staff.
They usually choose a time when everyone's positive spirit and energy are needed to give a demotivating speech.
They suck the air if not the blood out of their crew who then head into the day or the task at hand feeling beat up, demoralized.

Call them the demotivators.

During the rough economic patch that we are traveling on right now it is even more important that people in teams feel reassured, should I say comforted rather than threatened so they can give the best care possible to their clients and customers.
It is key to the survival of their business.

Thanks to You Think Your Boss Is Bad? by Tara Swords (Washington Post, September 28) for getting me pumped up on this topic.

This is where the 'Bad bosses are energy vampires' statement by Steve Miranda comes from.

The article byline 'Some Managers Can't Manage. What to Do If You've Got a Boss Who Only Makes Things Worse' says it all. It first looks at a very common trait 'The Boss's Way or the Highway'.

A lot of these problems occur because some of the people given or at times thrown into management positions have neither the personality, training nor the skills to manage especially when it comes to people.

Situations like that could be dangerous for your health.

Should some job offers come with a warning label.

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