Pick 4, Four Thanksgiving Wines by Greg Moore

Greg of Moore Brothers shares what he will drink on Thanksgiving:

Vin Mousseux de Table Vinsansricard Domaine Ricard (1 bottle)
This sparkling Gamay from my friend Vincent Ricard makes me laugh. I’m having a big glass before I carve the turkey.

Nahe Riesling Lenz Weingut Emrich-Schönleber 2007 (2 bottles)
Is this predictable? Off-dry German Riesling from a great grower in a great vintage? This one is impossibly beautiful.

Chénas Domaine Georges Trichard 2007 (2 bottles)
I know it’s disorderly, but I’ll be going back and forth between this and my glass of Lenz.

Vin Santo Isole e Olena 2000 (1 bottle 375 ml)
And here’s a sweet luxury. A wine for sharing. After the mincemeat pie. When I taste this I can’t help thinking of Paolo DiMarchi’s generosity.

I bought some Clos Cavenac (Cotes du Marmandais) that I wanted to suggest.

I have to put this pick on hold as I am not quite sure what the grapes in this red wine blend are.

I will spill the beans once I found out for sure.

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