Syrah for Thanksgiving? Rayun from Chile, Great Price to Boot

In the under $10 category or should I say under $9, the best way to know if a wine is just cheap or worth something is to try it.

That's just what I did when I noticed the Rayun, Syrah (2006) from Chile on offer (for $7.99) at one of my local wine stores.


Rayun is the brainchild of winemaker Alvaro Espinoza famed for his Antiyal and Kuyen wines and his dedication to organic wine methods. He carefully selects grapes from local growers.

For this Syrah they are sourced from the Colchagua Valley in the lower Andes, more precisely the foothills surrounding the small town of Totihue in the eastern part of the valley.

As for tasting notes, it's simple, good fruit forward, notes of spice, earthiness or as North Berkeley Imports puts it "a full-bodied, fruity Syrah with a touch of Côte Rôtie elegance and spice."

If Goose or Heritage Turkey are on your Thanksgiving Menu this might be the right wine at the right price in our Consumed to Thrifty times.

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