Credit Crunch Lunch...Brown Bag or Not?

The grim headline 'Three million jobless' by 2010 (BBC, November 17) illustrated by a Credit Crunch Lunch 3.98 (British Pounds that is) picture shot got me on the hunt for more on the topic.

As far back as April 2008, Restaurants gain appetite for credit crunch lunch (This is London, Evening Standard, UK) was sharing 'best buys' from Good Food Guide London in the "lunchtime table d'hôte at some of the city's top dining rooms and found many are serving superbly cooked three-course meals — often for well under £20".

Two months later, Hilary Osborne wanted "to know how we can tighten our belts on a full stomach" in A credit crunch lunch (Word of Mouth).

She mentioned practical help by fellow writer Andrew Shanahan on how to "keep your money from trickling out of your wallet with these tasty recipes to get you through the week", brown bagging with taste?

Our British friends seem to be taking it in stride as Beat the Crunch at Lunch, turn yourself into a lunchbox gourmet by Anne Shooter (Daily Mail, October 9) makes it sound like a fun experience.

Still eating out, Bistro CBD in Sydney offers a prix-fixe menu that won't put you in the poorhouse as Alive Sydney puts it (November 13).

It takes a Scottish soul to be the Contrarian as Forget the credit crunch .. let's do lunch! by David Johnston (Scotsman, September 12) puts it...

Do you brown bag?

Lunch is a serious thing for Monday Work Etiquette # 64

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