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I am a little late in the game to mention the SuperDeluxe Pecha Kucha Night that took place on October 30, the kick off day for Tokyo Design Week 2008.

So with the benefit of insight, call it 21-21 Vision if you wish, I thought a better pick would be Second Nature by Tokujin Yoshioka which opened on October 17 and is on display until January 18, 2009.

To quote the exhibit program, they "attempted to incorporate in his own design work the many laws that exist in nature, while at the same time exploring the possibilities of technology. His works do not merely remind people of the natural world on a visual level or imitate the more apparent manifestations of the laws of nature. Rather, by using technology as well as his own ideas as a kind of sustenance, he creates new forms of nature, in a process that results in what might best be described as a second nature”.

Second nature

The event takes place at 21_21 Design Sight which aims to be "a "place" for design as well as highlighting the 21_21 concept of drawing out through the act of design the untapped potential of everyday life".


Logo above illustrates what they aim for.

For more details on Tokyo Design Week, check Tokyo Design Week 2008: The Ultimate Party Planner! (PingMag, October 30).

A thinking person Tokyo Thursdays #62

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