Japan's Gainsbourg Fever Live in Paris: Jon the Dog, Kenzo Saeki (October 24)

17 years after his death, the sometime bad boy of French singers, Serge Gainsbourg has Japan going crazy over his songs.

As a testament of this Gainsbourg Mania, Cite de la Musique in Paris brings Jon the Dog and Kenzo Saeki for a sold out Gainsbourgmania in Japan concert on October 24 (8:00 pm).


Jon the Dog (picture above) offers her underground take while Kenzo Saeki (album cover below) goes nostalgia kitch.


More examples of the Japanese love for Gainsbourg can be found on the the Made in Japan compilation with its politically incorrect cover.


Thanks to Virginie Desormeaux of Cite de la Musique for letting me know about this show.

This concert is one of many events part of Gainsbourg 2008 which opened on October 21st and runs until March 1st, 2009 and offers movies, portraits of the artist, paintings, music and much more...

The French Connection for Tokyo Thursdays #61

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