Top 10 Ethical Jeans Brands and more via 'Greenmystyle'

I would not call myself a dedicated follower of fashion.
Despite its blend of news and shopping, I felt that Greenmystyle ,a UK based site for fashion, beauty products and housewares was worth mentioning because of its focus on eco-friendly products.

Their Top 10 Ethical Jeans Brands feature (September 21) led me to discover Dutch brand KUYICHI which came in at Number 1 on their Jean Charts.

Interestingly enough Kuyichi has a Peruvian connection.
They state that "the name Kuyichi derives from the Peruvian god of the rainbow.
According to the legend, the rainbow god of the Taquile Indians became angry with the people and took all colours away from life.
After introducing and perfecting the art of weaving beautiful blankets, the Indians brought back the colours of the rainbow to the world".

The story has a nice touch to it.


A snapshot of their Fall-Winter Collection (above) is my illustration, Bohemian Chic?

For tea lovers, I also noticed Greenmystyle review of the Eco Kettle which helps reduce water waste amongst other things.

Have you tried it?

A comfy, homely Green Day #46

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Related: 2008 is the International Year of the Potato. Did you know?

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