Earth Friendly Wedding Tips that Might Even Save You some Green

Planning a wedding besides managing family feuds and sensibilities can turn into a small scale version of an Hollywood production.

Sophie Morris (the Ethics Girl) shares some Eco Wedding Tips on IndyBlogs (September 16).

If you are not fanatical about the earth friendly lifestyle, the thought that it might save you money and many headaches could help you make the switch:

Sophie Morris puts it very clearly in her piece:

"All too often weddings go hand in hand with wild excess. You want to have the best day and best party of your life, and the obvious way to do this is to throw money at the problem. If such Bridezilla behaviour has you Googling cheap flights to Vegas, planning a green-tinged wedding will excuse you from much of the frills and frippery associated with traditional white weddings.To be honest, you don't even need to be eco-minded. It is just a great excuse to cut down on waste, fuss and cost, and have a truly original wedding into the bargain. And no one can accuse you of skimping on the canapes if you're caring for the planet into the bargain."

She mentions Silverchilli which sells Fair Trade rings for example.

North Carolina based Zebra Crossings promotes itself as offering 'sustainably chic and globally stylish weddings' with the Fair Trade seal.

A few more ideas can be found on the Wedding and Anniversary page of Global Exchange's Fairtrade Online Stone.

In the UK, the Ethical Weddings blog (by the people who run Ethical Weddings, the business) gives plenty of examples on how to go about it from wedding favors to photography.

Or you could get married at the beach like Sergei Brin or in your backyard with a picnic.

That's it for Green Day #45

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