Leftovers is the new Molecular Gastronomy, Polly Vernon Survival Tips

After a week when the financial markets suffered convulsions are you ready to hit the Consumed to Thrifty path.

Time to cut down on your Whole Foods outings and get back to food basics in order to keep your balance sheet balanced.
Stop crying in your soup, Polly Vernon has it all covered in How to be a thriftysomething (The Observer, September 21st) her guide to scrimping stylishly on credit crunch cuisine.

Number 1 is Ask for a Doggy Bag when you eat out: Reheated leftovers is the molecular gastronomy of the credit-crunched future, Polly states.

At Number 2: Game over for the Wine Snob: "Ghastly, sneering, superior creature who doesn't understand that wine is for fun and for getting drunk, and not for waffling on about tiresomely at every opportunity. Happily, the Wine Snob's fondness for expensive and challenging booze is somewhat nixed by current trends in absolute flat brokedness".

Not sure if 'brokedness' is really a word but it's true that a number of wines were picked just to show off.

RIP these wines who were getting high 90's rating and commended prices way beyond their worth.

Not sure that you can find too many good bottles for as low as $7.40 (or 3.99 in British pounds as the piece suggests) but around $10/$12 definitely.

Another category that might shrink is the fancy schmaltzy Olive Oil section thinks Polly.

What I call designer water will also take a dive?

I don't see too much minced meat on my horizon.

Nothing wrong with a simple pasta with meat sauce or vegetables or both.

Baking at home rather than buying $2 or $3 cookies also makes sense.

It doubles as a fun family activity.

Any suggestions of your own.

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