Ready to Draw Back? 'Recession has its blessings' says Harry Eyres

While acknowledging the negative effects of a recession on many lives, Harry Eyres in Yes, recession has its blessings (FT, August 23) notes that "the word “recession” implies drawing back, rather than proceeding ever onwards and upwards. Now we have a chance not just to stay put but to appreciate being where we are".

I agree with him that by racing through the days, we forgot the art of walking.
On my recent Wednesday visit to the Museum of the City of New York, I walked from the subway stop at 110 Street onto Malcolm X Boulevard, crossed Duke Ellington Circle and walked my way up to the museum along the northern tip of Central Park.
Even though we were in the big Apple, the pace of the afternoon felt much slower.
I also discovered that El Museo del Bario (currently closed for renovations) was my destination's next door neighbor...

Brings me back to Harry Eyres argument that "how, if you don’t walk, can you get the feel of a neighbourhood, its nooks and crannies, individual buildings and trees and gardens, or the still more subtle scents and sights of the countryside?"
He also points out that "one of the positive outcomes of an economic slowdown may be that people can once again think of and experience their homes as homes, not as appreciating assets. Try cooking more at home (forgive me if I am preaching to a beleaguered housewife): it will certainly save you money, and bring untold satisfaction, too."

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Bon week-end

Enjoy the walk

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