Elements of Style: Knomo Bungo, A Cool Laptop Bag for the 'Just Over 50' Crowd?

For older lads like myself, trying hard to be a cool cat can instead turn into looking like a fool.
One of my favorite columns, Technopolis by Jonathan Margolis (How to Spend It, FT, September 20) suggests a remedy for bad backs and a low key fashion statement when lugging your tech tools around town.
Can you imagine a laptop messenger bag that even gets your kids approval as in I could be seen around you if you convert to one of these, namely the Knomo Bungo.


Besides its fine design and being made of leather not cheap materials, its main attraction according to Jonathan is the use of magnets rather than Velcro to close essential pockets.

It is available for both 15" ($295.00) and 17" ($325.00) Laptops.

Thanks Monsieur Margolis for the tip!

A practical Monday Work Etiquette #55

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