From Gauchos to Green Things: My 5 Picks for BlogDay2008 (August 31st)

What would be the perfect mix, the right mix of recommendations for BlogDay2008, I asked myself?

Perfect does not exist so I decided to showcase 5 sites that span the globe and whose topics vary.

I mention them in no specific order.

Let's start in London with Green Thing which defines itself as "a new community that makes it easy and enjoyable to be a bit greener. Every month you'll get a different Green Thing to do. All you have to do is do it."


They use music, videos and a healthy dose of humor to get their message across.
I wrote about them in Ask for Tap (Water not Beer): Act Green in August (via Green Thing)...

For the  Consumed to Thrifty minded, some South American destinations allow you to stretch your dollar, Buenos Aires is one of them and Argentina's Travel Guide offers a wealth of information on the land of gauchos.

Have an eye for Design, Art, Photography, NY ART BEAT keeps you in the loop on shows and events in the Big Apple.


A current showcase is Kindred Cool (pictured above) where photography and a jazz groove intersect.
I have not seen it but it seems to have a classic Blue Note feel to it.

South Africa based yet with eyes and ears opened to the whole wide world, Thought Leader is well designed, entertaining and varied. Be more careful when taking on the train, my China by Rob Mackenzie caught my eye with his story of Chinese people hanging out at the train station after dinner wearing their best looking pajamas.
It reminded me of a Brazilian movie I saw maybe 30 years ago where the main character retires and spends his days on the front porch in his jammies (to his wife's consternation)...

Last is BLURT, a US online music site covering a wide range of styles which will appeal to those open to discoveries.
Check Issue #2 of their Digital Magazine with Calexico (a band from Tucson, Arizona) on the Cover.

Hopefully some of my picks were not already on your radar.

In that case enjoy!

Feel Free to add your own suggestions using the comments.

Happy BlogDay2008

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