Ask for Tap (Water not Beer): Act Green in August (via Green Thing)

Last week I looked at my overflowing recycling bin and thought to myself what's wrong with this picture?
The answer was too much plastic of which a good amount was bottled water.

How much money do I spent weekly/ monthly on the stuff. I could not tell?

That's why when I visited Green Thing, a British site sharing ways to be 'practically green' with a healthy dose of humor and saw their Do August’s Green Thing. Ask for Tap I had to share it.

Their toolbox includes music, videos and good prose.

Here are 5 ways Green Thing suggests to resist the call of the 'bottled water' salesman:

  1. Your evil mineral water is clear but my conscience is clearer.
  2. Tut the pap tit who raps tip top tap.
  3. I’m a taposexual. I get a sexual thrill from turning taps on and off.
  4. Watch what you say you mineral mo-fo – I’m Spanish and a bad tap ass.
  5. Your water’s fabulous. Get it to me through a long copper pipe that finishes in a clever on-off valve, charge me 1000 times less for it and I’ll take some.

Who said being earth friendly had to be a chore?

Fun for Green Day #38

Related: Bottled Water: Up to $7.50 a Gallon...Gas Unleaded: $2.20...Are we pouring money down the drain?

P.S: The above story was written in January 2007 so for Gas Unleaded it reads more like $3.85 in August 2008

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