Wine Infused Chocolate Truffles...All Napa Napa Napa Hey!

In the hubbub of the Chocolate Show (2007), I had paid only scant attention to what J.Emanuel Chocolatier (who happen to be from New Jersey like me) had to offer.
10 days ago while shopping at my local Whole Foods, I run into Tad Van Leer of J.Emanuel who on this Saturday was there to offer a tasting of their various lines.

Being a lover of both wine and chocolate, I offered to put their Napa Wine Truffle Assortment to the test.


The box of eight truffles is not a collection of ersatz wines.
The list reads like a who's who with in no specific order, Joseph Phelps Syrah (2002), Silverado Merlot (2004, 2 pieces), Trefethen Chardonnay (2005), Palmaz Cabernet (2004), Biale Zinfandel (2004) plus my 2 favorites Biale Zinfandel (2005) and Schramsberg, Non Vintage Sparkling.
They label it Champagne which irks my French roots but I will let it slide.

Zinfandel and Chocolate are often perfect together as I noted in Chocolate Crepes and Red Zinfandel Port for Wine Blogging Wednesday Number 13, a collaboration with pastry chef Glenn Schwabik.

Find them and taste them, let me know which you favor.

Bon Appetit!

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