Gift Ideas: Some Wine and Chocolate Pairings by Vosges Chocolates

After writing about the Napa Collection of Wine Infused Chocolate Truffles by New Jersey based J.Emanuel Chocolatier, I noticed that Vosges Chocolate offered some Wine and Chocolate Pairings as Gift Boxes.

In these summer months, I would go for the M. Chapoutier Banyuls, France, 2004 + Dark Chocolate Truffle Combo.


Includes the scrumptious looking Absinthe truffle (pictured above) which is actually made of Chinese star anise + fennel + pastis + dark chocolate + cocoa powder...

On a closing note, has anyone paid a visit to Sweet O in Glendale (Arizona)...They describe the place as a Wine and Chocolate Lounge...Sounds interesting!

Slightly related: Absinthe...Aperitif...Myth, Madness and the Dead Poets Society

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