4 Top Edible Garden Makeover Services...in South Africa

Turning your front lawn or backyard into an Edible Garden is not an American only trend.

South Africa has its own budding list of makeover services as Urban Sprout proves in 4 top edible garden growers.

I like the straightforward name of the first one: Eat Your Garden.
What Eat your Garden aims to achieve is a bit different  than what urban dwellers in developed countries have in mind, see point number 5 (bold). Let me quote their 'vision':

  • To provide urban dwellers and food businesses with their own food gardens bursting with juicy and tasty foods whilst at the same time reducing our carbon footprint
  • To raise consciousness around health and nutrition and the urgent need for eating whole, organic, fresh and raw foods; To reconnect people with the experience of growing their own food thereby providing food security
  • To re-awaken the original and essential connection between people and nature - a connection which is fundamental to our well being and to that of the Earth
  • To create employment and provide training thus working towards poverty alleviation
  • To provide children with the opportunity to understand and directly experience where their food comes from
  • To make a social impact by changing mainstream values and mindset thus promoting urban greening and eating food that is locally grown and seasonally available and revitalizing the concept of what is meant by “convenience food”

On the whole, they make a clear argument for the benefits of turning your water guzzler into a kitchen delight.

South African wisdom for Green Day #37

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