MyFarm and Your Backyard Farmer turn your Backyard into an Organic Garden

You might like the idea of walking into the garden to pick up some greens and tomatoes for a salad or fresh herbs to compliment a fish or meat dish.
For a fee, residents of San Francisco who want the garden but lack the time can rely on MyFarm to turn their backyard into an Organic Garden.
Basic installation can be from $600 to a $1000 (depending on the size of the project) and weekly maintenance costs run from $20 to $35.
You can choose between two options: Personal where you consume all your produce and Owner Member where some of your crop can be sold to others.

Ariel Schwartz shares more details on the company in Capitalist Dream: Company Designs and Maintains Organic Garden in Your Backyard (On Green Options, July 1st).

Tara Duggan calls MyFarm a "throwback to the Victory Gardens, a World War II government-sponsored program in which as much as 40 percent of the country's nonmilitary produce was grown in urban and suburban backyards" in her piece S.F. firm harvests potential of unused land (SF Chronicle, June 23).

The City of San Francisco actually launched a pilot program named Victory Gardens 2008+

Another option on the East Coast is Your Backyard Farmer with projects in and around Portland (Oregon) as well as on the East Coast according to the video below.

They've been around since 2006 and are booked solid for this year but taking applications for 2009.

Know of similar projects and endeavors, share them with us.

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