Rosé Number 2: Cotes du Ventoux « Cuvée Juliette » 2007

Cote du Ventoux might bring to mind the Tour de France and the climb up Mont Ventoux.
Today we pay attention instead to a Rosé from the area « Cuvée Juliette » 2007 from La Ferme Saint-Pierre.

If I got my facts right it is made of 2 thirds Grenache, one third Carignane and takes a walk on the dry side.
The small domaine of La Ferme Saint Pierre in the small village of Flassan is run by Paul Vendran (pictured below) and his family since 1990  with minimal use of chemicals and great detail.


Hammock Wines in the UK suggests it is perfect as an aperitif or a great companion for salads, spicy food, white meats and strawberries.

Retails for around $15 in the US.

A great Rosé number 2

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