Don't Blush! A Real Rosé from Chinon, Domaine Fabrice Gasnier

No white Zinfandel here, this Rosé is made from low yielding 50 year old Cabernet Franc grapes locally known as Breton according to Greg Moore of Moore Brothers (from Delaware) who describes this 2007 Domaine Gasnier Chinon Rosé as offering "strawberry and floral scents balanced by firm structure and a soft, spicy feel on the palate".


Do not expect sweetness, most Loire Valley Rosés are actually dry.
Perfect with many summer salads or some Asian dishes even.

Fabrice and Jacky Gasnier own vineyards in Coteaux de Cravant, a prime area for Chinon wines.

David McDuff shared his visit to their property in Tasting Chinon with Fabrice Gasnier where he covers their wine making philosophy as well as the various wines they produce including the Rosé 2004 (my illustration)...

I will offer more Rosés notes over the next couple of months whenever I find one that pleases me as they are the perfect picnic and party wine.


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