Pedal Powered Baristas: Green Bean Machines in Copenhagen and the UK

You know from previous stories we posted that Copenhagen is big on bicycles.

A fellow named Ole Skram has combined green ambitions, entrepreneurship and his love of good java with his 'coffee chariot' an espresso machine mounted onto a three-wheeled carrier cycle with a specially designed frame reports Springwise in Coffee Chariot Caffeinates Copenhagen.
They had previously spotted Bike Caffe and its Green Bean Machine tricycles in the UK.

In another twist on coffee on wheels Bike Portland Showcased Joel Domreis of Courier Coffee (in 2007).
A more rudimentary version of a cart can be seen on This Week in Bahia.

To conclude you can check where your java taste stands on the Coffee Flavor Wheel shared by Roughstock.

Percolating for Green Day #31

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