Cycling in High Heels, Green and Stylish the Copenhagen Way

Rather than being preachy, Copenhagen Cycle Chic shows with daily snapshots that one can combine Style and a Green attitude with what they call a 'bike advocacy in high heels'.

See their take on Bike Accessories as Fashion Items and Early Morning winter commute.

They hope that their site can "inspire people in other countries to commute by bicycle or lobby for better bike conditions in their cities by providing a portrait of a city (Copenhagen) that lives and breathes bikes".

The wide availability of bike lanes around town makes it obviously easier.


I chose Right to Left by Zakkaliciousness (from the site) as an illustration.

Check Cycleliciousness, their companion blog on the Copenhagen Bike Culture.

A lighthearted Green Day #12

Last Week: The end of overflowing garbage cans is near with Big Belly

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