Is your Meat 'Green'? from Chow and Andrew Sullivan to Slate

In my first visit to Chow in a while, I browsed the list of Tips for responsible carnivores offered in Your Meat Is Green by Roxanne Webber.
Learn to cook (number 1) is a no-brainer, I do not have to worry about that or using leftovers (number 4) as I do not like to waste food.
At number 3, Purchase Meat with Less Packaging is something that many of us might not focus on.
She reminds us that "meat packaging contributes Styrofoam trays, plastic wrap, and paper products. Choose to purchase from places—like a farmers’ market or a butcher—that wrap meat just in paper".

In Green Meat: Medium Rare, Andrew Sullivan offers his take on lab-grown meat following up on Will Lab-Grown Meat Save the Planet? Or is it only good for cows and pigs? by Brendan Koerner (for Slate).

Will we get meat without having to raise real animals, an abstraction of sort?

In the U.S at least many people do not want to associate food (meat or fish) with a living creature, find it scary maybe.

In Check, Please, the Brian Lehrer Show (May 27) explored with Makalé Faber-Cullen of Slow Food USA the question whether "eating more endangered foods help them survive?"

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