Your Must Have Travel Accessory in Hong Kong...Business Cards

Echoing a few words of wisdom I heard from Global Traveler, our woman in Hong Kong, Daisann McLane reminds us that if you go there (and I believe the same applies in rest of China), if there is an item that she advises you 'don't live home without it', it would not be your American Express card but first and foremost a big stack of business cards.
Should they offer information both in English and Chinese?
That I am not sure of.

Her warning in Hong Kong: “Do You Have a Card?” (Globespotters) surely is very strong.
She writes "Woe to the hapless newcomer who neglects to pack a thick deck of Hong Kong’s most essential accessory. No matter what the occasion, casual, formal, business or social, business cards fly through the air like those flicking disc-shaped razor knives in the kung fu movies."

A friend of Daisann gives an idea of what your social standing would be "“In Hong Kong, if you don’t have a mobile phone, you’ll have no friends. And if you don’t have a business card, you don’t exist.

Thank you for the wake up call Daisann...

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