Disaster Proof Tips to Doing Business in Dubai, Shanghai and Mumbai

There are always lessons to be learned but rather than do that through travel disasters, why not do our homework before heading for the airport.
That's why the Been There Guide to Business Etiquette caught my eye.

Let me list a few elements I gathered from this article.

In Dubai for example, it is recommended that you study a business card intently before putting it away.
Faux pas would include showing the sole of your foot (I guess the writer means shoe) which is considered and insult. Food wise, don't offer or eat pork.

In Mumbai, many people still use the name Bombay. Running out of business cards is considered rude so stock up. Things and people tend to move more slowly due both to traffic jams and a different pace so be prepared to wait. At meal time, make sure to offer vegetarian dishes.
Starting a new business or signing a deal during Diwali is considered a good omen.

As for Shanghai, they suggest the following: Shake hands when meeting someone new and give out your business cards, offering them with your first finger and thumb of both hands, with your thumb on top. You should also accept cards with both hands.
It might take a little practice. The idea of loosing face seems tantamount.  Loosing your temper is a no no.
As for chopsticks which are not my forte, to say the least: Remember it's considered rude to point at anyone with your sticks, as is putting them into your bowl so they're sticking out of the rice. There is usually a chopstick rest to place them in, otherwise rest them beside one of your plates.

Back to the roots for Monday Work Etiquette #19, the First of 2008.

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