When things go wrong, 'The Power of an Apology'

When things go wrong or even slightly off track, we tend to get upset or angry about the situation and end up staring at a bottomless pit.
Not much productive work or positive feeling comes out of this.
We can bring that type of situation upon ourselves by procrastinating on some work and feeling the deadline stress breathing upon our necks.
We might also be taking on too many projects.

I was thinking about these issues over the week-end and a little book that can, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and her husband Benjamin Zander came to mind.

I went looking for Rosamund's thoughts on this topic and found The Power of an Apology (written for Parade magazine in 2001).
It addresses how we tend to play the blame game when things go wrong and how she came to realize there are 2 kinds of apology:

"In one, someone admits she is wrong, the other person gets his revenge, and justice is served. The second type is as different as love to war. In this one, a person notices that something is broken and finds a way to make it whole again."

This reminds us of the importance of taking a pause and reflecting rather than jumping into things without thinking.

I can now start the week with a clearer view of assignments I will say no to and apologize for not being able to take them.
In the end it is better to say no than taking on something you might not be able to handle properly, no regrets, the decision is final.

A quiet time Monday Work Etiquette #33

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