Their crews might not be tidy but Comcast headquarters listen to the conversation

To give credit where it is due, if their installation crews are not that tidy, the staff at Comcast headquarters listens to the conversation.
They even took the time to pick up the phone within hours of my Thursday piece on Adventures in Comcast land not once but twice to let me know that they took my concerns seriously.
Time will tell if this results in actual changes.

Let 's add one suggestion/question to my previous list:

My new computer is TV Ready.
I asked the technician if it would be possible to run a cable to my office so I could use that option when I am ready to set it up.
He declined doing it saying it was not on his service order sheet and suggested that I instead call Comcast offices and have it done later.

Why come back later when you can do something today?

My 3 cents

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