'Green Homes Concierge', Job Idea Number 5 (now in London)

When I drafted the list of services that my concierge service would, could provide, many things popped up in my head.
Helping people being more eco-friendly was not part of it.
Should I had that to my panoply now that I discovered that London offers a Green Homes Concierge service?
I would first have to become more literate on that matter.
After looking around the site, I actually found out that this service seems to be a project of the London Development Agency which goes to show that innovative ideas come from many places.
Is it part of helping the London brand shine for the 2012 Olympic Games?

Let me sit on this idea for a few days and see if it is worth pursuing!

Would any of you be interested in getting help making your house earth friendly?

That's my Job Idea Number 5 for Green Day #20

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Job Idea Number 4: Bath Master (Bath Sommelier)

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