Should I dump ATT Wireless? They do not know how to make phone upgrade online painless, Sprint does!

When your cell phone stops working and you are an ATT Wireless customer trying to upgrade to a new phone, it seems you are out of luck.
I have tried to do so yesterday and today and all I get is a 'bolean' message.
Wondering if I was missing a step out of shear stupidity, I decided to visit the competition.
At Sprint, they let me browse for phones and gave me options next to each offer, buy with new plan or upgrade/ replace existing line, clear and simple.
The next step/page asked me to sign in if I was an existing customer and on the left column suggested 2 things so your old phone does not go to waste, after receiving your new toy, activate the old one with a new number or return or donate it and get a 'good citizen' credit.

Should I dump ATT Wireless.

I could use an up to date phone with a good camera and mobile blogging potential for my trip to South By Southwest and my panel.

Any suggestions or offers?

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