Celebrating Leap Year Day? Are you popping the question?

Are any of you doing something special on Friday, February 29 for Leap Year Day?
Have you noticed greeting cards dedicated to this special occasion/
Are songs, poems and short films written about it.
It would have slipped by me if I had not been put on hold during one of these customer service call trying to find what the ATT Wireless Bug was about.

While waiting I browsed and started reading Leap Year Day is Special by Joanne Kaufman (NY Times).

She says that "according to folklore, leap year day is the choice moment for women who have no interest in waiting for the guy to pop the question".

There is even a Leap Year Day site for those born on Leap Year Day and a list of famous leapers.

Will 2008 be my 'lucky year'?
Conservationists named 2008, the Year of the Frog and use Leap Day to promote their cause.

Fado singer Ramana Vieira is Performing for Leap Year Day---Feb.29th in Santa Cruz.

Any other events you know of?

Have fun on Friday.

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