From Alsace to Minervois...Marc Tempe's wine travels lead us to Domaine de Courbissac

A meeting between German film producer (and wine aficionado) Reinhard Brundig and Marc Tempe, an innovative winemaker from Alsace marked the beginning of a friendship.

It led them in turn to look for the perfect place to produce great red wines. After scouting properties in Southern France, they purchased Domaine de Courbissac (Minervois) in 2002 where they use biodynamic methods.

I recently bought their Domaine de Courbissac, Mivervois La Liviniere (2003). It is made of 15% Carignan, 30% Grenache and 55% Syrah.


Located in the Petit Causse (near the Cevennes and the Montagne Noire) on limestone soil, "La Liviniere" benefits from ample sun and light precipitations which explains why the wine is rich and clocks in at 14% alcohol. It is unfiltered and reflects its terroir.

Retail price should be around $15.

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