La 'Petite Syrah' turns into 'Pets' Petite Sirah by Vinum Cellars for Wine Blogging Wednesday #40

Syrah, Sirah...No my day is not going to the dogs.

For this Wine Blogging Wednesday #40 on Petite Sirah hosted by Sonadora(the Wannabe Wino), I wanted to keep it fun and unpretentious.

Rather than picking a $20 to $30 bottle, I went with the Pets (2005) from Vinum Cellars.
Big on the berries with an earthy, spicy finish and decent tannins, it is a good, decent wine, neither flashy nor pretentious.


Bonus points:
-As a dog owner I cannot help but appreciate that a percentage of the profits goes to the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the San Francisco SPCA .

You should be able to find it for about $15.

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