Fashion goes to the Dogs in Tokyo according to 'Putting on the Dog'

My wife attempted once to have my bouvier des flandres wear a rain jacket. I said no. I found it ridiculous.

Well, if I am to believe Putting on the dog in Tokyo by Kaori Shoji (IHT), the new dedicated followers of fashion in Tokyo are dogs.
According to the article, their owners compete for attention through their pets. Princess Masako is the one who started the dog craze.
One of the dogs in the article, Marco, has its own closet.
Salons tending to our four legged friends are booming.

Creations by Lucien Pellat Finet (cashmere for the it crowd) are now donned by some dogs.
As a downside some of the animals have also adopted the neuroses and eating disorders of their companions.


On Liz Connection, a visit to the Tokyo Midtown shopping center mentions (I quote) "the dog store. It includes the "dog deli" serving such things as ostrich and fish, a dog beauty salon, and an assortment of organic dog food for sale. Yes, not just one brand of organic dog food, but several. Of course, the store wouldn't be complete without the wall doggie outfits (our illustration, from Liz Flickr Collection).

I found through Kateigaho (a Japanese Arts & Culture magazine) that the Hotel Claska in Meguro is home to Dogman, a grooming salon.

Dogs ruled on Tokyo Thursdays #19

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