Is your Dog a 'DOGA' practitioner...On Yoga for Dogs

While reading the piece on Alex James (Blur) that led me to write From Rock Star to Gentleman Farmer, I saw that he mentioned the existence of Yoga Classes for Dogs.
I was intrigued. All my dog gets is a visit to the groomer every so often. I personally find the idea of clothes for dogs a tad silly.
It seems that the all Yoga for Dogs thing was brought to the fore in (where was I) 2003 by the book DOGA  (Jennifer Brilliant and William Berloni) published by Chronicle Books.Doga_2

The book suggests that attending the DOGA classes along with our DOGI ( a dog that practices yoga) will help us rediscover the importance of living in the present and learning to relax...

Will all dog owners become Zen masters?

On a closing note, I also found out that Doga in another incarnation is an Indian  comic strip Superhero.

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