Without Fados, Groval 'Touriga Nacional', Simply Red Wine

Groval_2 Wanting to expand my horizons and since this Groval, Touriga Nacional (2005) was in the under $10 category , I thought I should give it a chance.
Touriga Nacional is the best known of all the Portuguese varieties.

Coming from Beiras one of the 6 wine growing regions of Portugal, this Groval is produced by Caves Primavera in Aguedia.

Best way to describe it is as a great red table wine displaying good balance with soft tannins, a touch of spice and not anis but something similar, could not quite put my finger on the right word.

The Beiras Region is also a great place to visit with its combination of mountain and sea.
A must see city is Coimbra rich in history and located midway between Porto and Lisbon.

Learn more about Beiras and Portuguese wines on Vinogusto, a self described Guide to Wine and Oenotourism based in Brussels.

Additionally you might want to read In Portugal, a new stop on the global wine trail by Gisella Williams (IHT, New York Times).


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