Dao not Douro, Duque De Viseu Tinto (Red) 2002, No Fado for WBW#38

Douro or Dao that was the question staring at me in the hours leading to making the final cut for this October edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, #38 that is.

Thanks to Gabriella and Ryan of Catavino for offering the theme of Portuguese Table Wines.
As I said before I have to confess my neglect up to now of Portuguese wines.
They are often shadowed by their neighbors from Spain.

Portuguese wines usually offer great value and since the country joined the European Union, they have benefited from improved savoir faire and changed in style most of them for the better.

My pick the Duque de Viseu Tinto (2002) comes from the Dao region in North Central Portugal.     

A blend of 4 grapes, Touriga Nacional (considered the best Portuguese red grape variety), Tinta Roriz, Jaen and Alfrocheiro Preito, this Duque de Viseu offers a combination of fruit and peppery scents.
Some might describe its style as a little Burgundy.

Food wise, it is a good companion for many cuts of meat, chicken and my favorite snack, cheese.

It is made at Quinta dos Carvalhais (described here on Wine Anorak) with fruit sourced from that property and a number of private growers from the area.

Do read Darryl Roberts piece on Portugal's Prominent Wine Regions penned for Wine X.

The wine retails for around $10.

Some people such as Howard Goldberg were singing the praise of Portuguese Wines From Small Estates as far back as 1993 (NY Times).

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